Family Constellations and Ancesteral Healing

Family Constellations and Ancesteral Healing

Family constellations are a healing modality where we unravel hidden layers of a person's life, which may be a part of his or her belief system or may have come down through past generations. These hidden layers may be a block or a hindrance in their current life, and the concerned person is usually unaware of them.

We are all born into a family and each of us have a father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts. From this family, we inherit not only our physical characteristics through our biological genes, but also our belief systems and behavior patterns. We could say that there is a certain family energy or family soul that guides us in life. We are usually unaware of this guiding force. Our family’s history plays a role in our present life. Just like the stars form a constellation in the sky, the family too has its own arrangement like a constellation, and each member is like a star in that constellation. Even though we try our best, using our initiative and free will, we sometimes find ourselves drawn into a pattern which may have been present in the family for a few generations.

These patterns can be understood and solved by a family constellation held just for you, defining the role of your family members. The memories of our ancestors are a part of us, and are often the reason why we are drawn or repelled to certain situations or patterns in our relationships. These patterns can be solved by family constellation work.

This work also helps us with problems like self-esteem, self-confidence, problems in relationships or career and many other areas. The problem may come up due the person's own thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

  • Are you going through a situation where your relationships don't work?
  • Are you unhappy / guilty and cannot understand why?
  • Do you feel your efforts do not pay off in your career?
  • Are there early deaths in your family? Or a pattern of illness?
  • If yes, then this workshop is for you.

Some significant events which impact the family system are-

  • Early deaths
  • Miscarriages, abortions and stillbirths
  • Murders and Suicides
  • Accidental and sudden deaths
  • Adoptions
  • Sudden loss of partner or spouse
  • Divorce, Broken relationships
  • Members being disowned
  • War experience
  • Family secrets
  • Victims and perpetrators of crime and injustice.

In this workshop we will understand:

  • How a family is connected.
  • What is the family soul, and how the karmas of the ancestors are sometimes paid for by their future generations.
  • We will also understand what makes a family dysfunctional.
  • We will be doing meditations for healing some situations common to most of us with regard to family issues.
  • We will also take up one constellation for any issue you may have. A constellation is when a group of people participate together for a healing by using a method of role play and healing sentences. This will be explained in detail on the first day. If you have more than one issue, we can try and solve those based on the time available.