Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Card Reader

We all have problems as per our perception in our lives

Are you confused about your career choice?
Are you finding your relationship claustrophobic and depressing? Are you stuck in your place of work and career?
Do you find that money easily slips out of your hands?

A tarot reading can help you plan your life better

A Tarot reading is not just future prediction. It is used as a means for divine understanding and better future insight. It helps us to identify any obstacles that stand in our way and also guides us to know the resources we possess within us. It helps individuals to make decisions which would make their lives better. It gives answers from psychological to spiritual matters. A Tarot reading can make a meaningful statement about our lives, however difficult or challenging things happen to be for us at the time in question.

In other words, a tarot reading guides individuals and helps them to realize their complete potential. The cards deal with a person's 'karma', spiritual growth, rebirth and re-incarnation, a concept not well accepted by the western world as compared to the eastern religions and philosophies.

Tarot cards benevolently warn about the danger or path which lies ahead if you stay on your current course and change nothing. Tarot is supposed to make you think and act.

Tarot cards have existed for hundreds of years, though their exact origin is uncertain. It is believed that sometime in the medieval times, the gypsies introduced tarot into Europe. It is also known to have been in use in Italy in early 14th century.

A tarot deck has 78 or 79 cards in it. There are different varieties of tarot cards with different projections in it. The tarot cards in a deck are divided into two sets. One set of cards are called the Major cards or Major Arcanas and are 22 or 23 in number. It has different symbolic pictures like the sun, devil, the world, the wheel of fortune etc. and deals with a person's karmic cycle. The second set of cards is called the Minor cards or Minor Arcana's and they are 56 in number. These represent daily life, and are further sub divided into financial affairs, emotional bonds, creative ideas, and areas of conflict.